Situated on the magical north-western coastline of the majestic Aegean island of Lesvos, Aphrodite Hotel is just 50m from its own private pebble beach, amidst splendid palm trees, olive groves and flower gardens. Aphrodite Hotel is only 1,5 Km from the renowned "conserved" settlement of Mithymna (Molyvos) and only 4 Km from Eftalou, an area famous for its beaches and therapeutical natural hot springs.

Molyvos, Mithymna, 81108, Greece

Aphrodite Hotel
  • 1. Molyvos

    Molyvos village Lesvos: Molyvos, also known as Mythimna is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Lesvos located 60 km west of Mytilene

  • 2. Mytilene's castle

    The Castle of Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos island, is built around a hill, close to the port. It is one of largest castles of Eastern Mediterranean covering an area of 200,000 sq.meters.

  • 3. The Acropolis of Eressos

    The acropolis of Eressos is located on a naturally defensive hill on the SW coast of the island, and in antiquity it was called "Mastos".

  • 4. Petra beach

    This large and well-organized beach is part of a popular tourist resort that lies 57 km north west of Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos.



Mithymna or Molyvos. The birthplace of Arion, the first guitar player in written history, and favourite spot for poets, painters and intellectuals all around the world. Molyvos inspires with its unique charm, its imposing fortress, the picturesque harbour with the fishing boats, the famous pebbled alleyways with the wisteria dominating the traditional market, the mansions, the old fountains.

Petrified Forest

On the west side of the island, you will be struck by the unique landscape that hosts a marvel of nature: the Petrified Forest of Lesvos. Here the climate becomes dry, and the rocks are volcanic. No description can capture the grandeur and the rare beauty of the Lesvos Petrified Forest, one of the two largest fossil forests in the world. The famed Natural History Museum of Lesvos Petrified Forest in Sigri is itself a reason for a visit to the island. It highlights in its modern facilities the valuable findings of the Petrified Forest.


On the southern coast of Lesvos the second largest town of the island, Plomari city, is built amphitheatrically near the sea. The architecture of the town is amazing with old neoclassical mansions and old olive presses. Walls in bold colors and flowers planted in olive oil cans paint a beautiful picture.

Petra - Church of Holy Mary Build on the Rock

The landscape of Petra is dominated by a rock an impressive 35 meters in height. The rock at Petra is crowned by the church of Panagia Glykofilousa (Our Lady of Sweet Kisses), granting visitors with breathtaking views to the region below and accessible by 114 steps carved into the rock face.

Skala Sikamineas

Sikaminia belongs to the municipality of Mithimna and is only 12 km from Mithimna away, built on green pine trees and slopes of the Lepetymnos Mountain. Three kilometeres north is Skala Sikaminia, a typical fishing village and the most northern village of the island, facing the coast of Minor Asia.

You can find the house of Stratis Myrivilis, the famous Greek writer in Sikamia, which is open to visitors.